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BSY ENZYME NONI - FED Noni - Mengkudu

Noni juice has benefited the people of the South Pacific Islands for the past 2,000 years to aid a wide-range of health conditions to include: immune problems, joint pain, infection, colds, digestive disorders, injuries and inflammation.*Clinical researchers have identified well over 150 nutraceuticals in Noni fruit juice that have therapeutic value in the human body. Fresh-pressed Noni juice includes a potent mixture of nature’s most powerful phytonutrients and antioxidant that actively neutralize cell-damaging “free radicals” created in your body.
Top 5 Health Benefits Derived from 100% Pure NONI:
  1. Anti-inflammation – Researchers from the University of Hawaii found Noni fruit juice to have inflammation-reducing constituents and the ability to suppress the COX-2 enzyme responsible for inflammation and pain.*
  2. The immune system Noni juice is a powerful natural food supplement to add to your diet because of its ability to stimulate your immune system into action. By drinking Noni juice daily, your body’s immune system is optimized to respond against the invasion of outside bacteria, germs and viruses as it fights them off and protects you from infection*.
  3. The circulatory and cardiovascular systems Noni fruit juice contains scopoletin, which has been shown to lower high-blood pressure by dilating constricted blood vessels. Noni also stimulates the body to produce nitric oxide and it relaxes and expands blood vessels, alleviating stress on the arteries and the heart providing valuable benefits for improved health*.
  4. The digestive tract Noni aids the digestive enzymes to efficiently break down food more thoroughly t
  5. o absorb nutrients taken into the body from the foods eaten*.
  6. Emotional and mental well-being Noni is believed to boost serotonin in the brain that has been shown to aid in clearer thinking, better focus and concentration and an elevation in mood and sense of well-being*
  7.   An in-depth study of Noni juice and it's medicinal health benefits was conducted by Johns Hopkins trained Physician Dr. Neil Solomon who gathered from more than 1,227 health professionals representing over 25,314 noni juice drinkers from over 80 countries who received positive results by drinking Noni juice. His researched focused on TAHITIAN NONI™ juice because at the time of his study had the largest known base of Noni juice consumers.We can only wonder how much higher the "% Helped" in his research would have been if he sampled people who drank 100% pure NONI juice, rather than a reconstituted Noni juice blend containing only 89% Noni fruit juice, supplemented with other fruit concentrate fillers. We present his findings here for educational purposes. Every time something new comes along in the health food scene, there’s a huge buzz around the product with plenty of people opting for it and other’s condemning it as mere hype. It’s been the same with noni juice, which has become popular for those who are conscious about their health.

       Noni juice is derived from the noni fruit, also known as the Great Morinda. This fruit is found in abundance in the Polynesian islands, Southeast Asia as well as Australia, but it’s juice is indeed a worthy discovery, one that has bettered the lives of many people. Scientists are constantly corroborating newer findings about noni with clinical studies and in depth research. As a result of the hype around noni juice, many people have tried to cash in on it and this has caused quite a few people to regard it as a high level MLM scam. However, this is not the case everywhere. Remember that there are people who have benefited from noni juice.
    Actually, the way in which noni juice is processed is of prime importance. This is because it loses its efficacy if too much heat is used, or if it is diluted. Some producers of noni juice use artificial sweeteners because noni juice has a strong taste and smell and is not palatable. Some even use preservatives that does more harm than good. So before you go out to buy your dose of noni juice, look out for the way in which it has been processed. Fresh noni is a richer source of nutrients than bottled juice, so keep that in mind before you buy your noni juice.
    Finally, why should you drink noni juice? How can it benefit you?
  8. Noni juice is known to be rich in phytochemicals that can help in prevention of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, Alzheimer’s etc.
  9. Noni juice can also help in improving mood and inducing sleep in those suffering from sleep related disorders.
  10. Better skin, better hair and fewer allergy related reactions are what some of the users of noni juice are claiming.
  11. Noni juice is known to have many therapeutic effects – antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, you name it, it does it!
  12. Some people consume noni juice to correct premature aging and build better bone strength.
  13. One of the fewer known applications of noni juice is that it has been known to alleviate burns. Freshly squeezed noni juice applied directly can help in healing burns to a great extent.
  14. Noni juice has a few more external applications also. When rubbed on the skin, it can help reduce skin conditions such as eczema or ringworm. It can be used as a poultice and a compress as well. Some people even rub noni juice on their scalp for lustrous hair and better scalp health.
   Most often you will find that the noni juice that you get in most health stores is reconstituted and not the real thing. There are some brands which give it to you as it comes and so, they can be a little hard to stomach because of their strong taste. What’s important is that it has all the goodness you need. Concentrated noni juice has all these benefits, although you might want to know about some of the side effects as well. Noni juice when consumed regularly brings about a detoxification process in your body that may lead to a few side effects such as appearance of boils and pimples, foul breath, diarrhea or gas, headaches and joint pain. While these do sound discomfiting, they are apparently only a way for your body to get rid of all the toxins. Drinking plenty of water will help in flushing out those toxins more easily.
   While there are many variants in the market, you might wonder if acquiring pure noni juice is difficult because of the price. Yes, pure noni juice is obviously priced higher because of the effort and time taken in processing it in the right manner. But irrespective of the price, here are a few tips to ascertain whether the noni juice you have is good or not.
  • Bubbles – Shake the bottle to see if bubbles form. If the bubbles dissipate quickly, it means that there’s a higher concentration of water than noni juice in it.
  • Color – When you shake the bottle, see if the color of the bubbles is brownish. This indicates purity.
  • Residue – Good noni juice always has plenty of residue at the bottom. Turn the bottle upside down and note how much residue is visible.
  • Taste and smell – Finally, observe the taste and smell of the noni juice. Noni is strong smelling stuff and it is definitely an acquired taste. If it has been flavored with other fruit juices, it might not be pure.

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